Privacy Policy

The, is the website hosted by the Online Store with the brand name “”, which exhibits, promotes and sells women’s clothing products etc. through the Internet. “” and the Website belong to the company with the name “AFOI DIMARESI OE” and the distinctive title “AFOI DIMARESI OE”, located in Peristeri at 11 Theokritou Street, PC 12134, in Greece (Tax Identification Number: 800761130 / Tax Office: 1138 – PERISTERIOU A ‘), with GEMI number  139960401000 tel. 2105757810, email has established this Data Protection Policy, which includes the Policy Cookies as a single text and an integral part of it, in order to inform you who visit or buy, become our member or subscribe to the Newsletters list us, or in any other capacity you use the services or participate in promotions or other activities, or make use of social media (Social Media),

·        for the type of data it collects or generates for you

·          the purpose of collecting and processing your data

·        how this data is processed and its recipients

·        the purpose of processing by them,

·        for your rights and choices in your personal data

·          how to contact us for any issues that may concern you in relation to your personal data.


Data collection and processing

Personal data or information of a personal nature means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”); an identifiable natural person is one whose identity can be ascertained, directly or indirectly. This data does not contain data that is anonymous.

WHAT data we collect about you and HOW we collect it.

Indicatively, we collect the following personal data for you:

• Identity Data: (name, username, member code or other similar ID) that you provide to us when submitting your order or during your registration as a member, etc.

• Contact Data: (landline or mobile phone, e-mail address and other contact information) that you provide to us when placing the order.

• Delivery Data: Postal Address (street, number, postal code, city, country)

• Financial data: (bank account, transaction value, credit, refunds, debit or credit card details, billing address, etc.) that you provide to us when paying by electronic means, in case of refund, which we infer from your purchases, etc. . The registration of the card details, their confirmation, the commitment of the amount and the final charge, are done in a secure environment (SSL) of Piraeus Bank. The website in no case knows, does not handle and does not store your card details.

• Transaction / Purchase Data: (type of purchase products, transaction value, place of delivery, time of purchase, purchase history, complaints, payment method, information required in case of account change or re-credit such as bank account, beneficiary name, IBAN, banking institution etc. a.) that we collect in connection with your purchase and / or from your Account. 

• Consumer Behavior Data: Consumer preferences when browsing the Online Store, ie the items you see, your shopping cart, your Wishlist, your interaction on Social Media (eg which products do you Like), the redemption of gifts, the frequency purchase, method, time of purchase, type of purchase, etc., based on your shopping products, comments or any answers to our surveys.

• Technical data such as source channel, Internet Protocol (IP) address, time zone and location, input, browser type and version, operating system and platform, and other technology on the devices you use to access Our Website etc. For more details about the information we collect through cookies please refer to our policy below.

• Login information to your Account or member of the loyalty program, which is the username (username – which corresponds to your email or mobile phone number) and password.

• Demographic Data: age, gender, place of residence, which are collected directly from the subject on a case by case basis or inferred from the transactions of the subjects in our Online Store, etc.

• Data via Cookies: Browser, IP address, products that you have placed in the cart and have not completed the purchase, the country of origin of your order, the products that you look in the Online Store, the Wishlist with your favorites, your origin from other websites.

• Marketing data: which includes your preferences regarding the receipt of promotional material by us and third parties and your preferences for your communication with us, if we have your consent, your opinion about products you have purchased from us.

 We collect the following personal data DIRECTLY FROM YOU:

• When submitting your order, whether it is electronic or telephone, you must provide us with your name, shipping address, email, contact phone (mobile) and payment details (credit / debit card, etc.). The registration of the card details, their confirmation, the commitment of the amount and the final charge, are done in a secure environment (SSL) of Piraeus Bank. The website in no case knows, does not handle and does not store your card details.

• When you subscribe to the list of recipients of the Company newsletters (Newsletter), you provide us with your email.

• During your registration in competitions that from time to time are conducted by our Company, you provide us with your personal data that are identified on a case by case basis.

We collect the following data and information about you through AUTOMATED MEANS.

• Using cookies and other similar technologies we collect and / or create data about your preferences, such as the products you visit, the duration and frequency with which you observe certain products, the types of newsletters you open or not, their content and your interaction with us after each newsletter submission, your Wishlist, the type of products you purchase, the search terms you entered or the links you clicked into the Online Store, the products you place in the cart and do not complete the their market, country of origin, language, etc.

• From your Account we create the history of your orders and your purchases, and from them we deduce your preferences, the frequency of your purchases by type, the value of the products you buy or are interested in, the season at which you buy, the your area of residence etc.

• Data about the devices through which you visit our Website, such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address, login information, browser type and version, operating system and platform, and other technology on the devices used to access our Website etc.

• Data about the page you logged in from and the page you went to when you left,

We collect the following data and information about you from third parties:

• We may receive your personal information such as name and email from a third party friend who told you to receive a gift voucher from us or to send you a gift of their choice.

• In case you subscribe to our service through a social networking platform, we may  collect the above personal data directly from the information you have provided on the platform (as long as the social networking platform has a relevant right to share your personal data with us).

Your personal data may be shared with us by independent third parties when there is a legal basis for processing and they have the relevant right to do so. In these cases you must be informed about the processing of your personal data by the relevant Data Protection Statement of these third organizations. These organizations may include social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter.

How we use your personal data

All the above personal data which, as mentioned, are either provided to us compulsorily or voluntarily, or we collect from third parties or are produced by automated means, we use for the following legal purposes. Please note that in the event that Community or national law restricts or prohibits certain actions of the Company for which we use your data, we will cease to use the information that pertains to you for these purposes.

In particular, your personal data is used by us for the following purposes:

• To receive your orders, process them, and send the products to you.

• Contacting you about issues related to the sale of our products to you.

• To manage, process and process your payments including the security of our financial transaction.

• For your service as a member by opening your Account with us.

• To create, store and maintain a database with our clientele and its analysis.

• To understand and analyze the results of our ads and promotions. 

• To process your requests such as withdrawal, product replacement, etc.,

• For the satisfaction of your rights, regarding your personal data.

• For the security of transactions.

• For business analyzes and improvements, such as for the marketing of our products and their optimization, for the optimization of your experience and your service by us in our Online Store, as well as for the adaptation of your experiences in our Online Store.

• For market research, statistical analysis, marketing strategy development and marketing campaign management, and to inform you or our partners about potential opportunities to participate in marketing or product promotion initiatives.

• For other purposes for which we will notify you, or as the case may be, at the point where the information about you is first collected

Cookies uses identification traces for a comfortable shopping experience. Session cookies or alphanumeric identification files (session cookies) are used only to identify that you are entering the site, so you do not have to ask for a password on all pages that contain data transaction. If your web browser is configured to reject traces of identification, you will not be able to use the purchasing services of our online store. In this case, you can easily change this setting.