Product Information

G-Star 3301 Skinny Jeans
Color:Darker shade of indigo with a greyish tone

Stretch denim Smokey Grey is created out of organic cotton. The addition of elastane adds to a comfortable wear. By use of the waterless project – Cactus Indigo dye system from Kilimsdenim’s, a waterreduction of 91% could be arranged to create this smokey grey shade.
-Weight 11.5 oz denim
-99% Organic cotton, 1% Elastane (ROICA™ EF)
-Organic cotton fibers are free of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Growing organic cotton improves the soil quality, prevents water contamination and conserves biodiversity, while saving up to 60% water.
-RAW Sustainable. RAW Sustainable garments are made of materials that are sustainable and contribute towards minimizing the environmental impact of the G-Star RAW collection.
-Finished with Kilim Denim’s Waterless Project- Cactus dyeing method and prewashed finishing feature.
-ROICA™ EF is a Global Recycled Standard Certified stretch yarn produced in Germany and is designed to keep your garment in shape wear after wear.






Pants Size

27, 30

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